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Entry #6

Piping Hot Animation

2011-01-26 18:29:45 by Kooma

Finally the last flash has been uploaded in all its muffin goodness and I'm pretty happy with it. Now I have some time to chill before starting anything new. Will I be making more EVIL Co.? Sure. They're fun, I have ideas and response has been positive. So maybe in a few weeks once midterms are over I'll see about getting episode 3 up. I'm thinking something involving a boat.

Piping Hot Animation


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2011-01-26 18:54:03

still looks like 8-bit theater im a big fan of black mage from this and 8-bit theater


2011-04-11 18:47:24

umm.... when the hell are gonna make another one i mean i really like this series wait are you even gonna make another one or not are u down with the series
please continue the series your one of my favorite sprite movie makers so plz continue making the series

, happyhobo123
p.s. im the one who left all those '' its like 8-bit theater " comments

Kooma responds:

Mulling over making more. Right now since the animation class ended I've been focused on my schoolwork and getting stuff for college. However, with summer arriving I might renew work on an idea I had for a new episode. I'd like to do more so check back in a month or so. Till then, there's plenty of stuff here on Newgrounds to watch. Thanks for your interest and having support like yours is very much a reason why I'd like to do more.


2011-10-01 18:38:08

plz make more just hurry it up