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panda escape! panda escape!

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Okay then...

This is, I'm guessing, the first game you ever made. As far as the basic controls go, yeah they work alright. This needs a lot more work before it's really ready to be reviewed but it looks like you had fun coming up with things to put in. You really need to learn more about how to code a game though. Things like reseting the players score and respawning the coings, putting in checkpoints to ease the frustration of going back to the start after dying, some light music for mood and DEFINATELY improve the artwork. If drawings not your thing, look into using sprites like I did. Like I said, this isn't anywhere near ready to being played. Just keep working.

Also, the panda could look a bit more like a panda. Seriously some ears would go a long way to making look more than a fat grey guy.

Dirtyclothes Dirtyclothes

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Ok, basic platformer.

Few things I noticed. Playing female doesn't change the life bar in the top left, it's still the guys head. Checkpoints would be appreciated because after dying in the training level I really didn't feel like continuing. I also noticed that the hobos, or at least I think their hobos, don't react or chase you. I named one Frank and practiced jumping over him a few times. Without a little bit of AI they're just moving signs saying "Do not touch". Overall, solid mechanics, needs some improvement on execution and pacing. Keep at it, and I think you'll have a fine game.